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One Of A Kind Necklaces

This section features a variety of necklaces using all kinds of freshwater pearls in many colors, shapes and sizes. These are fun because I often find a strand of really fun pearls and just want to experiment with different designs. Each is one of a kind and the design will vary based on the shape and color of the pearls. These often include Baroque pearls which are highly popular due to their unique shapes, surface texture and luster.

"Waterfall"  with silver pearls, adjustable in length
with slide knots

Baroque style freshwater pearls with two little
funny shaped pearls to make a "tassel"! These
pearls have a great luster.

Double knotted with one row of silver and one
row of peacock pearls, on metallic leather. You have
to see it "on" to appreciate the luster!


Christina Orlikowski