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Pearl and Gemstone on Leather or Crochet

Turquoise, Larimar, Opal, Jasper, Druzy - these are just some of the gemstones that I use. It all depends on what I find on my buying trips. Some of the gemstones are hand drilled to fit the leather, or they may be added to a crochet necklace. Designs and prices vary. It's the thrill of the hunt that makes it so fun. Most are adjustable in length and all are great for layering.

Turquoise and Freshwater Pearl

Druzy quartz on crochet with assorted gemstones

Larimar from the Dominican Republic
and Freshwater Pearls on knotted leather

Turquoise and Freshwater Pearl on antique brown leather

Larimar and Freshwater Pearl showing
the adjustable pearl button closure

Assorted stones and fossil on leather with pearls

Peruvian opal on leather with pearl

Carved Peruvian opal on leather with pearl

African Turquoise and pearl on leather

Peruvian opal on leather with pearl


Christina Orlikowski