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Crocheted Necklaces

I have been making hand crocheted necklaces for several years and have literally made hundreds by now in all colors, gemstones, lengths and sizes! I have many colors of silk cord but have recently been working with a new coated nylon cord. It's not as "pretty" as the silk cord and doesn't have the "hand" that I am used to, but I have grown to appreciate it for its strength and durability. Many people who wear my designs tell me they "never take them off". Not recommended of course, but that is why I now offer the coated nylon cord!

There are two steps to making these necklaces which starts with creating a large assortment of pendants in silver, bronze or copper. I generally make a large stash that I draw upon for months at a time. The second step is selecting the stones and cording that I want to use and then pairing it up with the perfect pendant. Large pendants will go on heavier nylon cord and of course the more delicate small pendants look just perfect on a dainty crocheted necklace. The choices are endless.

These necklaces are usually from 16 to 20 inches in length with a lobster claw clasp. I also make doubles and occasionally triples too. Prices vary based on the stones, glass and pendants selected.


Unfired bronze pendants and buttons

Fired and polished bronze pendants

Crocheted agate beads with druzy pendant

Crocheted coral, pearl and agate beads with shell
pendant. This shell is called a "Spiny Jewel Box" and
features a pearl hidden inside.

Assorted necklaces with a variety of pendants

Coral, Czech Glass, Amazonite & Pearls

Faceted aquamarine beads and Freshwater
pearls on gold cord with a large clouded aquamarine

A large Tahitian pearl with a tiny garnet bead on top
graces this beautiful crocheted necklace of
peacock Freshwater pearls on black cord.

Peacock gray pearl chokers

Freshwater pearls or Tahitian pearls?

Crocheted gray pearls with fine sliver pine needle
pendant, hand molded

A variety of crocheted and freshwater pearl designs
with handmade pendants

Hand sculpted birds in bronze

Hand molded pine needle pendants with
pine cones - Colorado Style!

Amazonite and pearls pearls on gold cord, one
with a paua shell flower and one with a bronze
handmade pendant

Czech glass, crystal and dichroic glass pendant


Christina Orlikowski