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Earrings in Leather and Pearl

So many pearls, so little time. Here are a few samples of some of the pearl earrings I make. Some match necklaces and bracelets, and some are just for fun and variety. Who doesn't need lots of earrings? The earrings pictured below are ones that were "hot off the press", or in this case they are all hot of the knitting needles. The earring findings are added after all the fun, creative work is done!

Earrings range from $39 to $75 dollars, availability varies based on supplies.

Wisteria Earrings

These match the long Wisteria Necklace. Available in white pearl, peach and rose, or silver green with natural or antique brown leather.

Lasso Earrings

White and peacock freshwater pearls on a leather lasso design. Also available in solid white, solid peacock or peach/pink pearl on antique brown leather or natural leather.

Stacked Pearls

These are small coin pearls drilled right through the middle and stacked on antique brown or natural brown leather. Only available in white pearl.

Single Pearl on Leather

These are simple little pearl earrings but come in a big variety of pearls. These can be made in round, potato, rice, coin, baroque, keshi and kasumi pearls. It all depends on what is in stock. These are often made to match a necklace.



Christina Orlikowski