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Handmade Gemstone and Pearl Bracelets

All my bracelets are handmade, one of a kind pieces. They feature a wide variety of beads in gemstone, glass and pearls that I hand drill for my designs.  My handmade buttons are all made using bronze or copper metal clay which are then fired and polished. My signature "aspen leaf" designs are hand cast using leaves that I pick from the aspen tree outside my studio door. I make enough aspen buttons and pendants to last me through the cold winter months! All my pieces have a very organic and bohemian look; perfect for layering with multiple pieces.

The Bestselling "Stacker" Wrap Bracelet

These wrap bracelets come in a great variety of gemstones, beads and pearls. All are hand stitched onto leather using a durable coated nylon bead cord. Each one features my handmade bronze or copper button in a wide variety of patterns and designs from traditional round buttons to my very popular aspen leaf buttons made directly from real aspen leaves.

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Duet Bracelet

Freshwater pearls on leather - from 8mm to 11mm pearls in either white, gray or peacock. Pearls are hand knotted two-by-two with premium leather cord in black, antique brown or natural.

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Chloe Bracelet

The Chloe is named after my very first bunny. She was a beautiful black and white rabbit and quite large at 10.5 pounds! This bracelet is a little thicker and heavier than some of my other knotted bracelets, so it was named in memory of Chloe! Available in black, white or mixed pearls.

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Knotted Bracelets

Simple little freshwater pearl bracelets in assorted colors of pearls and leather. These look great stacked together or with my "Stacker" Bracelets!

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Fleur Bracelet

A mix of oblong pearls and round pearls. This design makes me think of Queen Anne's lace - the flower that is. These are big pearls and makes for a nice substantial bracelet.

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Summer Arm Candy

What fun little bracelets for summer! 12 different colors with one big fat freshwater pearl. Shell button closure. Pick you favorite colors and stack them together!

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Gemstone, Pearl and Leather

A little beach, a little mountain. Perfect to wear with jeans and a t-shirt. These chunky stones are actually made from magnesite or "chalk" turquoise. Each on is just a bit different.

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Christina Orlikowski