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Here is some information on the basset ornaments. These are made of porcelain clay and then they are glazed and fired. They are 4 to 4.5 inches wide. The back of each basset is white. Each one is signed and dated on the back. If you order a custom basset I will put your bassets name on the back as well.

I have 3 styles of bassets - standing, sitting or hunting. They hang from cord with some glass or jeweled beads attached. All the bassets below are $15 plus shipping. I will use USPS fixed rate Priority Mail boxes to ship. I can probably fit at least 3 bassets in each box and there's no extra shipping charge. Each will be wrapped in bubble wrap. The fixed rate price is $7.20 in the U.S.  I can ship to other places but would need to figure out shipping costs. Custom bassets are $20 plus shipping. I'll figure out shipping for bigger orders.

I also make basset windchimes. I only make these with the standing basset and make them with 1, 2 or 3 bassets with a bell at the bottom. The windchimes pictured were glazed with a clear coat and then painted with alcohol inks and sealed. They are painted on the back. They should be placed in a sheltered area since they probably won't take a lot of abuse from the elements. I don't have any windchimes available right now. I can make these with the alcohol inks or as natural looking bassets.

If you want a custom basset you will need to send me a photo of your basset (see below).

If you want one of the bassets in stock, just tell me which one(s).

Payment, contact info, etc.

My Paypal account is chris@northstarsolutions.com. It will say payment is to Chris Coyle because I can't change the name on my account - it should say Chris Orlikowski. Coyle was my name from a previous marriage a million years ago.

If you need to call me my phone number is 303-670-6838 or cell number is 303-229-7343. My email address is northstarsolutions@msn.com.


If you scroll to the bottom you will see tons of cookies. This whole thing started because I make cookies for my basset hound club every year for our different events - specialty, hunt test, christmas parties, etc. You can see lots and lots of different bassets made into cookies! The cookies were hard to ship because of breakage so I thought I should make them out of clay. These are basic sugar cookies with royal icing. I've made hundreds of them. In October of 2019 the Basset Hound Club of America will host it's National Specialty here in Denver and I will be there with cookies and ornaments. All basset people are welcome to come! If you want to know more about our club please visit our Facebook page for Timberline Basset Hound Club or visit our website basset-tbhc.org.  I'm the club treasurer and cookie maker.

Here are 2 ornaments I made of my dog Almondine using the photo pictured. It's hard to paint accurately with glaze so the ornament is as close as I can make it look like the photo

I made these windchimes for our Timberline Basset Hound Club Specialty April 2018. They were trophies.

I have 3 bassets without holes for use in other craft projects but I never figured out what to make with them.

Basset Cookies



Christina Orlikowski